Building Up in Christ, Reaching Out in Love


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We are not a church with bells and whistles. We are a small body of believers in Jesus Christ keeping our worship pretty simple. We seek to know Him as He is revealed in all the Scriptures and to allow Him to extend His life of love in and through us to one another and to the world. What we have to give really belongs to Christ; it is in fact Christ Himself and His Gospel concerning the kingdom of God.


Sundays at 10:15 AM for our worship service.


More times of gathering: We our Community Groups page for the details


In addition the body is encouraged and welcomed to get together with each other and with Pastor Johnny to encourage each other and grow in Christ, helping each other know Him more fully and represent Him as He truly is.



Current Indoor In Person Public Meetings at Stone Harbor Church 

Indoor in person public meetings (like Sunday Worship) are open to all with: masks, distancing, and good ventilation, as well as the other common sense safety measures we have all become familiar with (hand washing and/or sanitizing, staying home when sick or exposed…).

                                                                                                           (Updated 4/19/2021)


We are also meeting online for Sunday Worship. Please email us at to request connection instructions. We would love to have you join our online meetings!


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Listening carefully to the voice of God in all the Scriptures

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